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Treating lines before they surface

No women wants to look their age, but thank the universe for solving our #takebackyouryouth dilemma. 

Starting Botox as earlier as your 20’s and 30’s will help prevent those unwanted lines from appearing. 


SkinCeuticals Event!

SkinCeuticals skincare is philosophy centers on three main pillars: PREVENT. PROTECT. CORRECT.  These principles work synergistically to provide the healthiest skin possible, and optimal anti-aging results.


SkinCeuticals first came about in 1994,  founded by  Scientist Sheldon Pinnell, M.D.  his pivotal research on topical antioxidants, leading to a breakthrough discovery and the creation of an entirely new skincare category.



SkinCeuticals has something of everyone dry to oil, acne to perfect, fine lines to wrinkles there is something for everyone stop by or call today for your Skinceutical products.





Let’s Roll Back The Years Together With…….




Now you may be wondering what is this microneedling procedure  that everyone is doing now. Well, this procedure is a no down time, self-repairing , make your skin look amazing treatment. It’s a unique hand piece that allows the Aesthetician control speed and depth. It has fine needles that creates small puncture’s in the skin, but don’t worry we do numb the face before starting the treatment. The neat thing about this treatment is it prompts your body to to self repair it self from the inside out. Microneedling shifts the skin into high gear to start producing collagen and elastin to repair itself.

Now that you know what and how Microneedling works let’s talk about the benefits of it.

  1. Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Acne scarring
  3. Surgical scarring
  4. Burns
  5. Stretch marks
  6. Firms and Tightens

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Jentry Kelley Cosmetics is a makeup brand out of Houston,TX.

She carries everything from eyeshadows to hair products. Jentry Kelley Cosmetics has been around since August 2011, Jentry Kelley strives to not only teach women young and old how to apply makeup but how to look 5 to 10 years younger!

-If you are interested in trying JKC makeup come by the spa so our trained makeup artist can get you on the right track to looking younger!


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