What are Cherry Angiomas?

What are Cherry Angiomas?

Red moles, or cherry angiomas, are common skin growth that can devlope on most areas of your body. They're also known as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots.

They're usually found on people aged 30 and older.The collection of small blood vessels inside a cherry angioma give them a reddish appearance.

This type of skin growth is typically not a cause for concern unless it bleeds often or changes in size, shape, or color. Talk to your doctor if you notice any bleeding or changes in appearance. These could be symptoms of skin cancer.

What do they look like?

A cherry angioma is often bright res, circular or oval in shape, and small- usually ranging in size from pinpoint to about one-fourth of an inch in diameter. Some cherry angiomas appear smooth and even with your skin, while others appear slightly raised. They most often growon the torso, arms, legs,and shoulders. They look similar to a "red" freckles.

Laser Treatment:

This type of laser treatment involves using the Long Pulse Yag to get rid of the cherry angioma. This method is quick and is done as an outpatient procedure.

Depending on how many angiomas you have, you may need between one and three treatment sessions.- This procedure can cause slight redness, swelling and itching, which can last up to several days. A "cat scratch" scab may appear and resolves normally within 8-12 weeks."