See the types of Massage Treatments in Lafayette, LA provided by Renewed Med Spa

Renewal Massage (Swedish)

This classic stress-relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to reduce tension, increase circulation and induce relaxation.

  • 30 min/$45
  • 60 min/$70
  • 90 min/$90

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage addresses tight muscle groups and is highly beneficial for physical and mental stress reduction.

  • 30 min/$55
  • 60 min/$80
  • 90 min/$100

Hot Stone Massage

This massage combines heated stones and therapeutic touch while the heat penetrates the muscle and eases you into a complete state of relaxation.

  • 60 min/$85
  • 90 min/$110

spa massage in Lafayette, LA

Prenatal Massage

This massage eases tension, calms your body and restores your mind. Special support and caution is taken with those in the bliss of pregnancy. Mom must be past her first trimester for this service.

  • 30 min/$50
  • 60 min/$75

Massage Therapist Hours

Thursdays: 9am-3pm