Facials in Lafayette, LA

Renewal facial

Renewal facial is a one-hour process that is wonderful for maintaining optimal health and preservation of the skin. Includes thorough cleanse, appropriate exfoliation, extractions if necessary, soothing and nutrient-packed masque, skin-balancing serums and hydration, steam and aromatherapy of choice. Leave relaxed and restored. This is re-created each time to fit the ever-changing needs of the skin.

Recommended monthly for optimal results.

Anti~Aging facial

This one hour facial will invigorate you and your skin. Quick paced and stimulating facial massage movements, along with invigorating products increase circulation and oxygenate the skin naturally. You will leave with your skin feeling revived!

Recommended monthly for ongoing benefits.

Vitamin C facial

We use the highest concentration of Vitamin C available for the skin. Topical use of this powerful anti-oxidant has been proven to reverse sun damage and effectively stimulate collagen growth providing firmness in the deeper layers of the skin.

Acne-Deep Pore Cleansing facial

This deep cleansing facial targets oily-congested skin as well as inflamed acne lesions. Skin is sometimes steamed depending on level of irritation and gently exfoliated to prepare the pores for extractions and a through decongesting. Anti-inflammatory and calming serums reduce redness and irritation and treatment solutions and creams treat help breakouts and help to stabilize bacteria present in the pores.